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Equi=Core 600

Equi=Core 600
Intro special is $799.00 delivered


The new Equi=Core 600 is a 5 amp, 600 watt, price breakthrough in a fully Balanced A/C Power Source. We have designed this unit for front ends, headphone systems as well as complete smaller audio systems.  We use the same quality components as in our more expensive units and include 2 standard duplexes to run up to 4 products. These can up upgraded to our custom copper duplexes for only $100.00 total.  The 600 watt transformer is electrostatically shielded like our larger units. The Equi=Core 600 uses series wiring to improve performance even further. It comes standard with 2 Hubbell style gold plated bronze duplexes..

Size and weight
8 x 8 x 3.5"
7 pounds