Equi=Core 2400


Equi=Core 2400

20 amp 120 volt balanced power conditioner
$2,999.00 with 6 copper duplexes

A New day for AC Power Equipement

The new Equi=Core 2400 is a 2400 watt, 20 amp, breakthrough AC Balanced Power Source. It is a larger version of our new 1800 MK2 model and comes standard with 6 Hubbel type duplexes to handle up to 12 products. It uses upgraded the internal wire,an improved 2400VA transformer that is now electrostatically shielded. All outlets are home runned back to the transformer and are isolated from each other.  It  comes standard with 6 Hubbell style duplexes and now has an option to upgrade the duplexes to pure copper. It also offers surge protection in addition to sonics that typically sell for $5000.00 – $6000.00 from the competition. It comes with a standard inexpensive power 20 amp cord and we have great deals on upgraded cords with purchase of the 2400. Call to discuss our options.

The E=Q 2400 is 5″ high and 17.2 wide x 14.6″ deep and weight 56 pounds.
Ship dimensions are: 22”w x19”d x11”h and 60 lb.