Interconnects are called Linx and come in Silver, Gold and Diamond versions. We will offer 1 meter and 2 meter lengths in both RCA and XLR terminations

Linx Silver Interconnects

Our Linx Silver interconnect will surely delight. This cable is built around a unique “hybrid signal conductor design” where High Purity OFC Copper is used along with Single Crystal Copper (known as PCOCC). The combination of these two transmission mediums is found in cables costing 5 x to 10 x our price. This cable is so good it could be found in very high-end audio systems.

Linx Silver series

Luxuriously sheathed, we employ a PVC Outer that yields high flexibility while dual layers of insulators are used to maintain a\optimum shielding. Materials are of the highest quality. Pay particular attention to the beautiful and highly functional locking style Carbon Fiber connectors.

The Core Power Tech AV Linx Silver will perform with The Big Dogs, but at a very affordable price.

1m RCA  Compare to $400 interconnects  Our price is $199.00 pair
1m XLR  Compare to $450 interconnects  Our price is $229.00 a pair
2m RCA  Compare to $450 interconnects  Our price is $239.00 a pair
2m XLR  Compare to $500 interconnects  Our price is $269.00 a pair
Linx Gold interconnects

Linx Gold series

Our Linx Gold is another great example of cable “art” that with our connections we are able to bring you at “the right price”.  This cable delivers a rich tube-like signature. It is suitable for analytical power and thinner sounding systems. Fine and mellow, transparent and thick. Made of 7N OFC pure copper wire, the structure is specially designed, with low capacitance, low inductance, low resistance and low skin effect. Hybrid conductor technology is used to combine three different types and sizes of conductors to achieve optimized transmission of full-range audio signals for the most accurate sound experience. Modular stress relief structure prevents cable bending damage, making it easy to move, durable, and flexible. Transparency is clear, the purity is amazing, at this price, and the bass is rich and full. Low volume and balance are also ideal. The music background is very black and the overtones and details are sufficient to reproduce large acoustic spaces. It is an ideal choice for high-quality enthusiasts on a budget who don't wanat to get the step up Diamond.

1m RCA  Compare to $1200 interconnects  Our price is $399.00 pair

1m XLR  Compare to $1300 interconnects  Our price is $449.00 a pair

2m RCA  Compare to $1200 interconnects  Our price is $449.00 a pair

2m XLR  Compare to $1400 interconnects  Our price is $499.00 a pair
Linx Diamond interconnects
In the Positive Feedback review they said:
"So how does it sound? Honestly really good. I have 5 different RCA cables in house currently, ranging from $90/meter to over $3000/meter. The Core Power RCA cable, to my ears in my system, sounded as good or better than all of them. I would describe the cable's sound as neutral but detailed. I say neutral because I did not feel as if any particular part of the frequency range was accentuated. I say detailed because I got a better sense of space (depth) as well a sharpening of the image. For those who have used a camera with a manual focus, the runner up RCA cable ($3000) seemed to produce an image that is just ever so slightly soft. With the Core Power Linx Diamond RCA cable, the subject is locked into perfect focus, to the point were you can differentiate individual hairs."
"So am I giving Core Power a two for two recommendation? Yes I am. The RCA cable, like the DEEP=CORE above, represent serious value, especially considering the number and range of RCA cables I was able to compare them to during my review. These cables are well worth an audition and carry my strong recommendation."