Defiant is out speaker cable line. We make Silver, Gold and Diamond levels. These cables sell for a small fraction of the cost of competitive products.

Defiant Silver Loudspeaker cables

Defiant Silver Speaker Cables are a great example of our deep connections in the wire and cable industry. This speaker cable is designed around a Higher Purity OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) Conductor along with Hi FC (High Performance Pure Copper). This hybrid construction applies the greater benefits of each material to produce a Dynamic and Musical Loudspeaker Cable at an amazing price. A beautifully Sheathed PVC outer protects the integrity of the cable and provides optimum shielding.

We have both 2.5m and 3.5m packages complete with a beautiful and highly functional screw-on Carbon Fiber Banana Connector. Talk to us about the optional screw-on Spade Connector that’s also available. Standard delivery is with Bananas.

A 2.5m pair is $249.00

A 3.5m pair is $299.00

Silver comes with babana plugs but spades are also available at no charge at purchase or $25.00 for a set of 4 later on.


Defiant Gold Loudspeaker Cables